Actress, Songwriter, Composer, Teacher and founder of "The Mantra Method"

Sylvana Joyce has been performing as an actress, musician and singer since the tender age of 3, starting in afterschool programs and landing a big break in the original production of Tony Kushner's "The Slavs" at the NY Theatre Workshop at just 7. After a few years of working professionally on and off Broadway, Sylvana returned to school and attended Boston University for a degree in Piano Performance and Music Education.

But despite a heavyweight resume, Sylvana didn't truly find her artistic identity until she began performing her own songwriting in NYC clubs. Sylvana Joyce and The Moment, a five piece rock band with music written by Joyce allowed her the autonomy to write, produce, direct and perform with complete creative control. Receiving professional acting training (Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner) gave her further flexibility to hone her talents and infuse them in her work. She has been recognized for her excellence in performance with national and international awards [notably as the TUSSC Grand Prize Winner (2013) and Songrwriting Magazine Feature Winner (2014)], as well as an Artist Certificate from the City of Jersey City where she resides (2020).

Ms. Joyce has devoted her career to music and acting, and also to sharing her expertise on giving engaging performances. She works with performers of all genres and backgrounds, unlocking their artistry and deepening their craft through storytelling. 

Students can focus on anything from show and audition prep, to pre-production for an album, to building their brand; using music theory/psychology, songwriting workshop, and onstage techniques to further develop their creative potential. As a vocal coach, she can also help students with vocal issues including injury, strain and range limits through broadening their "vocal palette", strengthening their mix and belt and finding the resonances that are uniquely their own.

BRETT ALTMAN, Singer-Songwriter

"I started working with Sylvana simply to improve my vocal performance, following an issue with vocal nodes. What I have learned from her goes way beyond the act of singing. She has taught me performance techniques, music theory concepts, and how to be more emotionally connected with the here and now. All of this has tremendously helped my development as a musician and songwriter. I am now light years ahead of where I would be without her. Being that she is an experienced musician herself, she truly understands the needs of her clients. I highly recommend her and am very thankful for her tutelage."

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